Quick Steps for a Test Spin: adding sources & sending your first survey

Here are some quick steps to get you started with a simple survey and get a feel for how GroundSource works.

    • Entering/Adding Sources
    • Composing a small survey
    • Browsing the results on your activity page
    • Sharing your results with the participants & friends

Who and what are your sources?

Your sources are the citizens on the ground that are on-call and collaborating with you to build stories. Here you can enter their phone number, field of expertise, geography, gender, interests, etc. You'll want to take care to respect the privacy of all of your sources, and maintain the highest standards of security with their information. The Communities that form around GroundSource projects are built upon mutual trust and professional credibility, and that begins with each user and their relationships with their sources.  

How do I add sources?

To add one source at a time, simply click the green ADD A SOURCE Button off to the right, and manually type in the info.

For bulk entry, click the Upload .csv button

(detailed upload instructions and valid column names can be found here)





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